September 28, 2013

Watching Disney’s Peter Pan for the first time ever. I see your game Peter, you cradle snatching Fair Folk motherfucker. Give Oberon my regards, creep. Whoa, did Captain Hook just shoot a man? Shit got real, damn. And what’s this Cannibal Cove on the map? If that’s where the Tree People Robert Kerman had to negotiate with live then this movie isn’t as “toned down from the book” as I keep hearing people complain it is, if this is the “toned down” version, I can only imagine the book is another Hunchback Of a Notre Dame situation as far as Disney films go.

It’s nice to know Disney gave props to the Children’s Hospital who owns the copyright to Peter Pan in the credits though. That was the least disturbing thing I saw in this so far.

June 5, 2013


do you ever have that feeling….

technology makes everything imaginary, my friend

This is how I feel all the time. Damn valourisation of human labour in concrete forms. If you ever read The Map And The Territory (like I did, on Kindle) you know these feels.

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March 21, 2013
Artists of the world, you need to up your game

I have repeatedly made statements about my problems with HBO programming like Sex And The City and Girls being used as pop cultural propaganda and a glorified tourism ad for New York and the arts snobbery lifestyle that comes with it.

Artists of the world, in any medium, you need to up your game.

The argument that the arts cannot prosper outside of New York is hard to take seriously when one considers the massive achievements by foreign directors in the medium of film alone, Akira Kurosawa, Ozu, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Fernando Arrabal, Guillermo del Toro, Fritz Lang, Ruggero Deodato, Pasolini, Fellini, the list goes on and that’s just non-English speakers.

Literature casts an even wider net of great stories which are unfairly ignored due to their not being translated, but I assure you, in one specific case I think you’ll agree: if William Shakespeare managed to change the English language without so much as a college degree, I doubt he needs New York’s help. Your English teachers are all the publicity he needs.

And as for the poor fools who after reading my dissertation on why New York arts snobbery is overrated, especially those people in my street art lectures considering moving there after graduation… have you not read the news?

Talking to these people it’s like Hurricane Sandy never happened, they’re so naive that they’ll make it that they don’t even look up how tough it is for the underclasses in Harlem who already live there. I am aware of the Australian cultural cringe, but surely considering we have actual health care and a safety net here Sydney and Melbourne look pretty good when compared with America which is downtrodden by recession and misery.

I’m out, peace.

March 18, 2013

I think it was in one of those John Green Crash Course Lit videos where he said reading literature or even books at all makes you more empathetic as a person.

So…. I was reading Tom Jones by Henry Fielding and was reminded of how far we’ve not come when it comes to dealing with single mothers. I watched the JK Rowling TV movie where Rowling had this Enrique-ish abusive hubby in Portugal before she fled with her daughter, and the state safety net in Britain wouldn’t give much pity.

Cut to about 200 years ago I think and if Tom Jones has me correctly informed it’s set in a time when deciding if babies adopted from unwed mothers are worthy of being given human dignity is still a thing. And despite being written way before I was born it made me care about people who lived so long ago their lives seem archaic, and not-Internet having.

And sometimes a book needs to remind you about times in history where we didn’t have that. Because they remind us that slut shaming unwed mothers is still a thing. Which it shouldn’t be. Read a book is what I’m saying.

March 13, 2013

I’d complain about that one typo in my eBook copy of American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis if it wasn’t so hilarious in hindsight, or in general.

It’s a typo where Patrick Bateman is referred to as Batman by a woman who thinks he’s a stud. This typo delivers on so many levels.

March 12, 2013
Conversation with my film school grad brother

ME: So I was watching this John Irving video on YouTube where he was talking about whether writers should like the movies and he said “I like the movies but a good movie seems to happen by accident rather than what deserves to happen and it made me have empathy for you as a film grad guy…

HIM: I’m trying to download my game and my girlfriend will be here soon.


March 11, 2013

I hate that I feel depressed that I have to go back to Uni tomorrow because I’m given somewhere I can go to improve my life but I’m a part time student so my friends will graduate before I do and I’ll be left alone and I’m sick today and my Dad’s making me go anyway where I’ll infect the other grown ass man children with my cold and flu virus.

That and I feel I’ve been going to my art school long enough where I’m slipping into a phase where I’m done with Capital A Art because the art world seems so empty and hollow compared to my writing books in my down time which in the end to be honest is where my best ideas end up. The theory classes are all that’s left of my main degree and most of the art theory I learn is more useful to my writing than it’d be to me as a real visual artist. Kinda bummed.

March 6, 2013
Rad Ramblings about Taoism (that I read in books, son)

I think in terms of non-monotheistic religions, Taoism gets overlooked.

Really think about what this implies.

This thing started out as a system of government and philosophy, and you have a set of writings made by whom many consider to be lots of people rather than one dude. But wait, you ask, doesn’t that invalidate the mythology? Well, here’s the thing.

Taoism isn’t just the philosophy and religion that made being a hermit shut in more than anti-social behaviour, but a political statement. It was also founded by people who didn’t think placing a whole bunch of weight on the life story of its founder was that important. There’s not really any heretics in Taoism, only sects.

Also we have wizards apparently. We have here a philosophy that is so vague in how it explains the origins of the universe it still holds up to evolution science scrutiny, somehow functions as more than just a religious text, but a religious one, and then people in China were all “This Taoism thing is rad, but it needs more alchemy and wizards”. So they added more alchemy and wizards, but I’m not sure that Lao Tzu’s teachings are very pro-add-on in terms of people-actually-died-from-swallowing-minerals-trying-to-become-immortal. They’re also not-anti-gay, but for some reason Lao Tzu’s teachings hate on the people you see on that show Hoarders instead. They’re not so much prudish or explicitly heteronormative, but if you’re on A&E’s Hoarders you better watch yo ass. Also they’re very vague on what counts as a “shaman” these days. You either go all out and train from a master or you go out into the woods trying to talk to the Deities and hope for the best. Neither way is seen as better as long as it works. So I’ve read. I also read from a non-Tao Te Ching source on Taoism that Taoist shamans can transform into bears. I also hear from the anime Outlaw Star that you can summon dragons in space as a Taoist wizard but they didn’t teach you that in Penguin Classics. (Note to my readers: the Penguin Classics translation of the Tao Te Ching is really good but if you’re trying to become a wizard, look elsewhere)

It just makes me feel heartened that there exists a philosophical belief system where heresy is impossible, the only minority hated on in the sacred texts are hoarders, and they managed to jam wizards in there for good measure.

February 28, 2013

American Psycho sure does have a lot of fashion designer name drops in it, almost like Patrick Bateman has been ghostwriting the fashion label naming brag rap songs Kanye West has made famous this whole time.

Patrick Bateman moonlights as Kanye West’s ghostwriter. Prove that he doesn’t.

February 28, 2013
So, American Psycho

And I’m talking about the book, not the movie. It’s about to get real, folks.

This book might be pulling an Audition on me, as in Takashi Miike’s Audition, in that the shocking gore scenes seem to be reserved for the end scenes of the book and measured out very sparingly.

Contrast this with Chuck Palahniuk who is content to blow his load sooner than the reader would like, and the first story in Haunted just overshadows everything else.

Bret Easton Ellis however seems to be a much better chef of the literary arts, not just because the ingredients are usually better, but they’re left to simmer for longer. Bret Easton Ellis makes his contemporary novels feel like legitimate art, whereas Palahniuk books I’ve read feel far more one note in trying to shock you one moment after the next.

As much as I did have the gall to demand of Bret Easton Ellis as to why as of Chapter 4 the misogyny hasn’t even gotten to Ice Cube levels yet, but amid the descriptions of 1980s conspicuous consumption I get this feeling of dread that the whole Audition comparison is more apt than I thought, since I haven’t read this book before, but saw the movie, and for all I know the book has a dismembered guy in a bag as well. I’ll keep you posted.

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