April 25, 2012
No Workplace For Poor Men

So I was checking my Tumblr, as you do when you’re a visual arts student who uses social media sites not only to waste time, but to also destroy the credibility of outdated ideologies from across the Pacific Ocean before the enemy knows their scene was dead the second I posted… and I came across this Men’s Health Style Rules guide.

Let me make myself clear, I might be a high functioning autistic white Aussie drongo, but that doesn’t mean I won’t let this sexist bullshit that’s far more retarded than I’ll ever be slide, even if it’s aimed at men by other, richer, presumably even whiter men who wouldn’t know the Australian climate if a dingo ate their baby and they had to teach a squat team about the territory they’re up against to get their douchey, highbrow storebought revenge dished out by Seal Team 6 that they rented for the day because they’re too rich to get their hands dirty and get their precious fashion labels all mudded up while they’re trying to dispense unwarranted “justice” on the dingo that ate their baby, but since they have no sense of responsibility, the baby turns out to be a Chinese made iPhone because so far they have no empathy or worth that grants them the ability to cope with raising a real human with real, not-designer label nappies that need changing.

This is a really drawn out metaphor, yes indeed, but it sure as bloody hell makes more sense than the downright condescending and snobbish advice dished out by what I can only assume is a rich high roller who clearly has the time to spit on the fashion choices of people in the “Star Wars Cantina”, the “slackers”, who probably put more hard work into preserving the economy than the blokes who published this tripe probably did.

I’ve contemplated whether it’s right to say whether or not men are privileged due to race or gender, and at this point, even though I was personally yelled at by Germaine Greer at a book talk, she sure painted Aussie men in a far, far less degrading light than this article does without even trying. You see, if there truly is a Men’s Rights movement, and there are struggles Men need to fight back for, it was never about women trying to take alimony or child support money from you because “you’re a man”. No, the enemy is far more scheming and heinous, since feminists in retrospect let us blokes off pretty easy.

The true enemy, is the rich, corporate emasculator of what the corporate world imagines the man of today should be in order for him to turn a profit from the less powerful men who fill the pockets of the 1% by being convinced via articles such as this that a man only has worth and status if he plunders enough gold to buy overpriced menswear of ludicrous amounts, if only to satisfy his slavemaster who spits on him just as he spits on those Metallica t-shirt wearing “slackers” who could probably contribute more to any given company via their knowledge of Twitter and blogs alone.

The countryman in my nation’s workplaces wears many things to work, and out and about as well. This is not my core concern with this article here. My core concern is that this foolish men’s magazine editor was narcissistic enough to believe that the American Corporate Look works in every nation’s climate around the globe, that “you have to fake it until you make it” just so society that already spits on you before you even begin for wearing logo shirts, that you’re not allowed to wear unless you own the company it depicts because you’ll look like a tool apparently.

I dunno guys. I’ve seen MMA fighters on UFC wear a shit-ton of logo shirts and I’d never really consider calling beefy guys who could crush you with their bare hands tools if you enjoyed the experience of breathing enough that you’d like to continue breathing and walking without crutches for the rest of your life by avoiding this. They’re pretty manly dudes. And they wear logo shirts.

These MMA fighters would not allow these snarky menswear merchants in men’s mags to trash talk their choice of t-shirt for a situation. And… to be honest… neither should we, as men worldwide, continue to believe that corporate bullying of non-white, non-rich, non-“manly” men is an acceptable ethos for the Twenty First Century. Men’s magazines are designed to sell you an idea, perhaps a concept of which manliness is measured against. It is a cunning gambit, and because men believe their only true threat is women’s need for family support if they desire it, they fail to notice the Rich White Male agenda which is so easily ignored by men who every day fight against this tripe because they don’t even realise the prison of commercial, materialist lies of a man’s worth was there at all.

This is a system that tells a man who wears his favorite Metallica shirt in public that he is worthless because he cannot afford to dress like the richer, more powerful men who’d sooner shit in his beer than admit he shared any semblance of commonality or equality. This is a system that says to a man, “You have to act like this for society to even admit you’re human, by the way you have to buy these clothes and shoes and gadgets if the boss who pays you minimum wage will even gaze upon you”.

For you see, Men’s Rights shouldn’t have been wasted on locking horns with feminists over abortion and equal pay at all. We failed to harness something that could have been something great, a tool that cuts oppression like a knife through butter, and allowed the internet to make a joke of those two words because it was applied to an area it never belonged. Thanks to Reddit it has no respect, it has been neutered in its potency.

But the thing about language is, there is more than one language rather than just English. We will find a word which is powerful enough to discredit a financial system that hates us but expects us to put money into it so it continues to thrive. It doesn’t work in Australia, especially not with our climate, and we do just fine wearing our dorky t-shirts in the summer heat thank you, and our economy thanks us too by not wasting our money trying to please a capitalist system that even Americans are failed by, Americans who deny us the power of the clothes we wear because apparently as soon as people start wearing Crocs or sandals in public, the apocalypse is allegedly nigh.

Wear your Crocs in public. Wear every fucking logo shirt you own, the more obnoxious the better, hundreds of MMA fighters can’t be wrong. When half the world’s population is paid less than a man for being a woman, why should a man accept that he HAS to preserve a system that pays him more for being a man but treats him far less than one not by his wallet but by his dignity? This is no workplace for poor men, and there will not exist such a hell if it is torn down by the people Dio called “hungry for heaven”. Cause you’ll need a little hell.

July 5, 2011
It’s Gonna Get Real In The Thunderdome!

I just read this article, and it PISSED ME OFF.

Look, bookshops in Australia are in trouble for a number of reasons, local price gouging is one of them. Price gouging in Australia makes Australia a beautiful, if nanny-statish place to live where a lot of people are priced out of some decent culture because they can’t afford it due to local price fixing. Americans pay less than us, always have, for books.

It makes no sense even though we’re a smaller market, and now Amazon.com’s swallowed Book Depository, the free shipping and good service this independent retailer provided as a respite from Amazon’s clumsy Americentric giant is gone.

Let me tell you something about Australia. We may look friendly and approachable as a tourist friendly nation, but by God man, if you’ve ever seen the Mad Max movies, you have some idea about what savagery, violence and hatred lurks under the skin of our convict descended citizens. After all, what other people could survive living in a place with such dangerous animals?

What I’m saying is, if things get bad enough for people who are disillusioned and angry with something down here, it’s fucking rare, but it’s fucking furious enough that it’s gonna get REAL in the Thunderdome. Bust a deal, face the fucking wheel.

Because if you push the Australian people hard enough, they go beyond apathetic into something akin to the Cronulla Riots. And that’s real. Yeah, that happened. Not because of a good cause mind you, racism never is, but just imagine what would happen if Australia as a collective whole of bogans and angry young intellectuals alike rampaged over something more valid as a subject of righteous anger, such as exploitation by corporations, or shitty government censorship? They’d fuck shit up! You know why the government is probably trying to make a nanny state authoritarian nation out of us, all subjugated and docile to abuse of power? BECAUSE IF SHIT LIKE THAT HAPPENS AGAIN FOR UN-RACIST REASONS, AND BECAUSE OF PUBLIC CYNICISM, OH LAWDY-LAWD, THESE POLITICIANS BETTER BOARD UP THEIR WINDOWS NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD STYLE, CAUSE IT’S COMIN’! CIVIL DISORDER IS ONLY A PISSING OFF OF A BOGAN AWAY!

You know why we should still consider certain circumstances where Men’s Rights should be given value? It’s in shitty situations like this Amazon.com BS where rich white people bully the not so rich, kind of shy, meek and nerdy white people who don’t have the corporate clout into submission. White men of the meek and nerdy variety need protection from rich and powerful (and fucking mean) white men, because if there was ever an example where white men needed a hand up, it’s this kind of fucking situation.

And the worst part is, even Germaine Greer, who yelled at me in public, would probably agree with me on this one for a change. “White guys who want protection from the rapacious nature of white male ogliarchy while respecting women’s need for similar rights which both genders benefit from? Sign me up!” she’d probably say. But probably in a more complex sentence structure. Because that’s how Germaine Greer rolls.

Enough is enough, I’ve had it with these motherfucking capitalist snakes on my motherfucking plane of existence.

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