July 5, 2011
It’s Gonna Get Real In The Thunderdome!

I just read this article, and it PISSED ME OFF.

Look, bookshops in Australia are in trouble for a number of reasons, local price gouging is one of them. Price gouging in Australia makes Australia a beautiful, if nanny-statish place to live where a lot of people are priced out of some decent culture because they can’t afford it due to local price fixing. Americans pay less than us, always have, for books.

It makes no sense even though we’re a smaller market, and now Amazon.com’s swallowed Book Depository, the free shipping and good service this independent retailer provided as a respite from Amazon’s clumsy Americentric giant is gone.

Let me tell you something about Australia. We may look friendly and approachable as a tourist friendly nation, but by God man, if you’ve ever seen the Mad Max movies, you have some idea about what savagery, violence and hatred lurks under the skin of our convict descended citizens. After all, what other people could survive living in a place with such dangerous animals?

What I’m saying is, if things get bad enough for people who are disillusioned and angry with something down here, it’s fucking rare, but it’s fucking furious enough that it’s gonna get REAL in the Thunderdome. Bust a deal, face the fucking wheel.

Because if you push the Australian people hard enough, they go beyond apathetic into something akin to the Cronulla Riots. And that’s real. Yeah, that happened. Not because of a good cause mind you, racism never is, but just imagine what would happen if Australia as a collective whole of bogans and angry young intellectuals alike rampaged over something more valid as a subject of righteous anger, such as exploitation by corporations, or shitty government censorship? They’d fuck shit up! You know why the government is probably trying to make a nanny state authoritarian nation out of us, all subjugated and docile to abuse of power? BECAUSE IF SHIT LIKE THAT HAPPENS AGAIN FOR UN-RACIST REASONS, AND BECAUSE OF PUBLIC CYNICISM, OH LAWDY-LAWD, THESE POLITICIANS BETTER BOARD UP THEIR WINDOWS NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD STYLE, CAUSE IT’S COMIN’! CIVIL DISORDER IS ONLY A PISSING OFF OF A BOGAN AWAY!

You know why we should still consider certain circumstances where Men’s Rights should be given value? It’s in shitty situations like this Amazon.com BS where rich white people bully the not so rich, kind of shy, meek and nerdy white people who don’t have the corporate clout into submission. White men of the meek and nerdy variety need protection from rich and powerful (and fucking mean) white men, because if there was ever an example where white men needed a hand up, it’s this kind of fucking situation.

And the worst part is, even Germaine Greer, who yelled at me in public, would probably agree with me on this one for a change. “White guys who want protection from the rapacious nature of white male ogliarchy while respecting women’s need for similar rights which both genders benefit from? Sign me up!” she’d probably say. But probably in a more complex sentence structure. Because that’s how Germaine Greer rolls.

Enough is enough, I’ve had it with these motherfucking capitalist snakes on my motherfucking plane of existence.

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