June 14, 2012
Women Know What Women Want Better Than Us

I’ve noticed a lot of the time I see on Twitter there’s reports of misogynist attacks on women in games Kickstarters or attacks on feminist causes, when really I think that while it’s better to stay out of women’s discussions of issues they’d want to talk about in an environment where they’re not hassled by us guys, no matter how well meaning it may or may not be, there’s other causes related to gamer minority visibility that certainly could use some more “manpower” as it were that’s wasted on hassling women in these debates.

For example, you ever wonder how many disabled gamers there are out there, that might not find there’s enough disabled characters in games, or worse, the controllers made by game hardware companies haven’t been helping disabled people like myself enjoy video games for about ten years of my life since I first attempted playing video games with other people who don’t have the same crippled motor skills I and many other barely mentioned disabled gamers do?

Well there’s good news for well meaning male gamer activists given that there’s a lot of ground to be covered there as of yet that sorely need male game journalists and gamers probing into these issues rather than just having us blunder into women’s attempts at representing themselves online and in gaming.

There’s a whole bunch of causes within gaming that men can help out with that may not be related to feminism in games, but if somebody, anybody’s campaigning for disabled video games accessibility, race in games or even gay men as depicted in game design, if you’re a guy that fits into any of these categories you could probably help these issues to be solved a lot more than flinging defensive comments at women gamers on blogs and the like.

Is it too bold to ask that if women feel uncomfortable expressing our views online about gamer issues unrelated to us when we’re around… aren’t there other gamer advocacy causes that don’t have enough support from either gender that could be improved by legions of men who are affected by different issues but by solving them, video games will be better for everyone involved?

I’m holding out for those brain helmets that control video games with your mind, the potential of brain helmet controlled computers for the disabled alone is exciting enough to turn my attention away from defending my male gender and instead doing something useful like trying to help create… MIND HELMETS.

Probably not alone there. I want those mind helmets so nobody talks shit about handicapped gamers in online matches ever again, I suppose the pwnage delivered to the trolls by said helmets will get this message across. A man can dream, but he doesn’t have to get in the way of meaningful, much needed discussions by women about the games they play to solve big problems that affect more people in more ways than you think.

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